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“Seeing children having fun under the sun is priceless, chasing after them to apply sunblock or care for their sunburned skin is not fun at all. That realization added to my skin protecting obsession, lead to the creation of this new business adventure.”

Sun Pop Life, sun protection your kids will actually want to wear.

We are a family of three living a healthy and active lifestyle. Like you, we love adventures, vacations, the outdoors and to have fun under the sun.

We believe sun protective clothing must be above all of high-quality and long-lasting. Lab tested UPF 50+ (the highest sun protection rating available) or above, preferably chemical-free or hypoallergenic, comfortable, offer multifunctional use -water or land- for any outdoor activities done under the sun, is proudly made in the USA and must look great anywhere.

The Skin Cancer Foundation recommends using UPF rated clothing as our first line of defense against the sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays because it absorbs or blocks much of its radiation.

Additionally, it must offer, breathability to keep kids cool, insulate kid’s skin from heat, provide quick-dry properties to keep kids cozy, four-way stretch for great comfort and easy laundering guidelines; machine washable and tumble dry.

Since our daughter was four months, I applied sunscreen and purchased sun protective garments to protect her skin from the sun, but I was not impressed with the choices available. Halston was growing fast and I purchased new sun protective clothing every two to three months, and that amounts to 4 outfits per year. I also tried buying the bigger size up but that did not work either. No matter which domestic or international brand I purchased, I could not find what I was looking for. Looking for solutions, I noticed there weren’t any sun protective clothing for kids on the market that offered a high quality long lasting sun coverage solution and the few I found lacked originality.

I also found a great variance in price options. I grew very curious about this factor and discovered that there are two ways of achieving a UV protection; the economical, temporary way; sun protective garments made with synthetic fabrics containing a popular UV filter that wash off with a few washes and the high-quality, long-lasting way; sun protective garments made with technologically advanced fabrics made with a very tight weave that achieve sun protective properties in the way the fabric is made. Therefore, the UPF rating is locked in the DNA of the fabric, it will not wash off and will last for the lifetime of the garment.

As a result, I set out on a quest to create a high-quality, long-lasting timeless looking sun protective line of clothing that kids actually want to wear and with my family support we are making this dream come true.

It all started as a tribute to our daughter Halston, high energy, free spirit, super happy and imaginative girl with love for make believe worlds and fun under the sun but a tenacious unwillingness to applying sun block. Inspired by her creativity and self-expression, seizing my husband Greg’s excellent talent in fashion photography and my desire to build a business with a purpose, Sun Pop Life was born.

Our intention is to create a brand that would protect people from sun damage. Long-lasting wearable sun protection garments that help in shortening sunscreen application time, provide stress-free sun protection confidence and allow more time to relax and enjoy.

We are launching Sun Pop Life with a small children’s wear collection of UPF 50+ sun protective swimming costumes, long sleeve rash guards and full-length leggings for kids 1-6 yo. Sized for a great comfy fit with elongated sleeves and pants for fast growing kids to enjoy freedom under the sun. In exclusive photo patterns inspired by nature from our adventures, with fun illustrations and re-imagined classics that you will love.

A sun protective adult collection is planned for release this summer for active individuals or parents who want to set the example by teaching their kids to prevent sun damage by wearing comfortable sun protective clothing in the outdoors.



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